1. Find your strength zone
    • Get in the zone and stay there
    • What am I good at in business?
    • Focus on your strengths and outsource the rest
    • Work on your weakness of choice not skill. eg. discipline - skill weaknesses will only become mediocre at best


  1. Connection
     - Take time to connect with your clients, after all they are the ones giving you money

  • Have a cup of coffee, buy lunch etc
  • Build relationships with your suppliers
     - they can be a great source of information
     - If hard times happen, they can be more accommodating

  1. Listening
     - Complete focus on the other person
     - Listening to what their needs/ wants/ desires are? Ask questions
     - Try not to think about what you are going to say next but let the other person
    fully express themselves
  2. Environment
     - Put yourself in an environment that is going to lead you forward
     - Will have a positive impact on your life
     - Surround yourself with the right people