• Learn These 'Shifts'

    • The Focus Shift - Shifting from Soloist to Conductor
    • The Personal Development Shift - Shifting from Goals to Growth
    • The Cost Shift - Shifting from Perks to Price
    • The Relational Shift - Shifting from Pleasing People to Challenging People
    • The Abundance Shift - Shifting from Maintaining to Creating
  • During This Course We Will Discuss Vitally Important Leadershifts Including...


    How to continually LEARN, UNLEARN, and RELEARN touchstone leadership principles


    How to go from PLEASING PEOPLE to CHALLENGING PEOPLE to become a better leader and mentor


    How to change your focus from MAINTAINING to CREATING, unlocking the mental blocks keeping you from reaching your full potential


    How to move from being GOAL-ORIENTED to GROWTH-ORIENTED while dropping bad habits, changing wrong priorities, and embracing new ways of thinking


    You will leave this course feeling highly motivated, having challenged your own mindset and will be inspired to implement these practices in your personal and professional life.