• I started playing rugby before I could walk. My father was a fan, and it was a pastime of my family. We loved it. As I grew older, I only went to school to play sports and eat lunch. I found exams challenging and didn’t know how to study. Rugby became the one consistency in my life.

    As a player, I experienced many different coaching and leadership methodologies, but one in particular shifted my perspective. I was introverted and didn’t know how to spark a conversation with a stranger. At 19, I read the book “How To Win Friends and Influence People.” It inspired a passion for leadership and personal growth, similar to the one I always had while playing rugby.

     Today I combine that passion for sport and personal development as a Sports Leadership Coach. I help coaches understand the individual strengths of their players and how to bond everyone on the team. Every team starts as 15 individuals. Only the best teams become 1. I apply leadership philosophies and my own coaching experiences to create custom programs. These systems transform relationships and help athletes recognize their impact on each other and the team’s success.

     Here’s how I can help you. For teams, I host workshops that will inspire and unite your players. I offer a 8-step framework for individual coaching for athletes and leaders who have a million priorities running through their minds and need help simplifying the playbook for personal growth and success.

     Let me help write your playbook for winning.